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Pet- Safe ways to get rid of ants ?



Do any of you have suggestions on how to safely (for pets like cats and dogs and also safe for people) get rid of an infestation of small black or red ants and other creepie crawlies? I heard laying down Boric acid works but that is toxic if the pet's get near it. The manufactured ant traps have a warning that says do not allow pets near it. Has anyone here ever had that issue before? On a sortof off the wall note: I once heard of a person who had an infestation of them and got it into their mind they would "lure all the bugs away from their house", so what do they do? Took a container of SUGAR and made a sugar trail leading from their place to the outside. Guess what happened. the very opposite: It brought all the bugs from the area TO their house!

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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