Aston Villa fans tear into Steve Bruce after his post-match comments

: Aston Villa fans tear into Steve Bruce after his post-match comments  ( 270 )


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agent sbobet Aston Villa were held to a thrilling 3-3 draw at home to Preston last night.The Championship outfit did well to secure a 2-0 advantage in the first half but James Chesters red card in the second half changed the game completely.Preston got back into the game two minutes after Chesters dismissal. Gallagher and Moult also scored late in the game to give the away side a stunning 3-2 lead.

Aston Villas summer signing Yannick Bolasie stepped up to score an injury-time equalizer for the hosts. They agent sbobet could have won the game in the end but Glen Whelan missed a 97th-minute penalty.The fans were already frustrated with Villas poor start to the season and the way they threw away a 2-0 lead did not go down well last night.Steve Bruce had a cabbage thrown at him during the game and he was heavily criticized by the crowd as well.

After the game, the Aston Villa agent sbobet manager hit back at the reaction from the fans. He claimed that it was a disrespectful thing to do and there is no respect in the society anymore.He said: The guy who is being questionedunfortunately, it sums up the society we are in at the moment. Theres no respect for anyone. I find the whole thing hugely disrespectful.Aston Villa fans took to Twitter to respond to his claims later. Here are some of the best